License Numbers: 697258, 907823
  • SuperSkeleton

    GEOS Sustainable Surfaces: Introducing a brilliant new concept in surfaces.

  • SuperSkeleton

    Flecked with jewels of color in a dense, durable substrate, GEOS blends recycled glass into a unique surface of superior strength and remarkable beauty.

  • SuperSkeleton

    Offered in a wide range of evocative colors, GEOS makes a striking visual statement and is a rare find among environmentally conscious products—it’s both earth-friendly and affordable.

  • SuperSkeleton

    If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly countertop with a sophisticated color pallet, look no further than GEOS.


Block Tops Adds Gēos Sustainable Surface to Its Distribution Line
ĒOS Surfaces, LLC is excited to announce the addition of Block Tops to its growing list of GĒOS distributors. [Read More]

GEOS Sustainable Glass Surfaces
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